Hi I’m Lola also known as Lolita! I started this brand hand-making every single one in my living room with my mom and selling them on Depop with the future intention to start a website and business. These bags were designed to be functional yet fun and to make you feel good! I’ve spent months testing out sizes, colors and shapes to see what people were missing in their otherwise ordinary bag. These bags were made with love in hopes that you make it your own and wear it with confidence.


I grew up in Los Angeles, California always obsessed with fashion. I never saw myself being able to cultivate my creativity into something in fashion design because I was always so overwhelmed with school and friends. Once COVID-19 caused the world to go into quarantine and I was out of school for the year, I saw an opportunity to make light of a very dark situation our world was going through. I stayed home everyday for those upcoming months, sewing with my mom until our fingers were practically bleeding. These purses started being made for myself and my friends but as I have grown I now have created relationships with so many people all over the world and love seeing everyone in the product! It makes everything worth it. So I present to you Lolita Jade, so much coming in the future and so ready to keep making product that makes people happy. I hope you love these bags as much as I do and hope you spread the love!


Lola Keyser

8/1/2020 <3